Flagler Home & Lifestyle Show -
Because of poor cell phone reception at Flagler Palm Coast High School we will be unavailable for last minute questions on Friday, January 24. Please see your area coordinator closest to your area with any last minute questions or concerns once you are at the show for set up.
All areas will check in at the main lobby of the high school to receive their vendor packet. Remember we are guests on the campus so anyone arriving early to set up will not be permitted on campus.
Every area has an area coordinator to assists you, if you have any questions or concerns please go to your area, there is someone there to help you.
Set Up Parking -  can be as close to your area as possible. Once you have unloaded your vehicle please be prepared to move it so your show neighbor can also come and unload. Once the show opens to the public the front parking lot and the parking lot immediately north of the school in the back reverts to DISABLED ONLY parking. The Flagler County Sheriff's Department will issue citations for vehicles without proper decals.
Take Down Parking - access to the front parking lot will open once the show closed at 4pm on Sunday. Please keep in mind that we MUST clear the front parking lot of our disabled quests before we can let you in. There will be people in wheelchairs and their mobility will be very limited and they must have an opportunity to get to their vehicles before trucks and panel vans come in the front and back lots. We have worked hard to get you to your area for show closing and take down. If you follow our direction we can get you to your booth area and you can be on your way home within an hour from the time we let you in the lots.
Home Show will be provided a backdrop cloth draping, side rail cloth draping and a sign with your business name. Each booth will have steel pipe construction, 6ft long draped tables, 2 chairs and a wastebasket. There are not ladders or dollies and if you need more than 2 chairs and one table so please plan accordingly, you can bring extra if you need to.
Your display may be as tall as 8 feet across the back and may extend to the halfway point of your booth at 8 feet tall. Booths can not be boxed in or block the view of adjoining booths and can not go higher than the back of your booth space (8 feet).
Service Fair will be provided a 6' table and 2 chairs. There are no dollies nor is there any table covering so please plan accordingly. Because of the size of the space no additional chairs or tables can be used. In the Service Fair there is no exchanging of money but you can hand out as much litureture about your organization as you would like. Please feel free to gather information or pass out membership applications.
Balloons can be a part of your display that are attached to your booth but balloons can not be given to our visitors to carry around the show.  
Exhibitors shall not transfer, assign or sublet any of their contracted space. Also, no refunds for booth spaces.
Microphones, TV's, music, etc. must be kept to a resonable level or your area coordinator will ask you to turn them off.
Our show hosts a Food Court that also pays to be in the show, so there will be no selling or giving away of any food outside of the food court.
There is absolutely no soliciting allowed in the parking lots; including ticket distribution, flyers on cars, etc. Please promote your home show business in your booth only and in your News-Journal ad. You can not stand outside your booth, tent or space perimeter, walk the aisles or stand at the entrances handing out information. There is no sharing booths, tables or spaces and only one business, service organization or crafter per booth. If the panel van or truck you bring your merchandise in is not yours but another business' and they are not in the show you WILL be asked to park in the back parking lot by the football field. If we find a vehicle parked for the weekend in any of our parking lots and that business is not in the show the vehicle will be towed. 
A hospitality room for coffee and donuts will be available both days free of charge for EXHIBITORS ONLY.  ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK CAN BE TAKEN FROM THE HOSPITALITY ROOM AND THROUGH THE SCHOOL HALLS. 
No announcements can be made at the show and there can not be any exchanging of money in the Service Fair area. Any winner of a drawing or giveaway must be notified after show ends. Televisions and DVD players must be played on very quietly as courtesy for your neighbor.